Should I quit my Job ?

should i quit my job

Are you at that place where you’re asking, should I quit my job? have been here before already? How do you know when it’s time for you to jump ship from your full time job that you absolutely hate or should you hang in a little bit longer before you start your new business venture?


I have noticed in the entrepreneurial community that there is a lot of celebration around someone quitting their job. I know quitting your job is an exciting time but there are a few things I would like you to consider before you embark on the journey of starting your own business, Here is my story:


Just like you, I found myself in a job I absolutely loathed and hated, I was on anti-depression pills (yes it was that bad) so I quit to start my own business, I had enough savings to tick me over for the next 3-6 months and naively thought this was enough to propel me into an overflowing bank account with this new business I loved. I’m sure you want to know happened next right?

Watch the video below for all the juicy details or carry on reading below:


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Well, I ran out of money, I ran out of it fast! Not only was I paying personal expenses (rent, food and bills). I now also had startup business expenses! – and this can get VERY expensive! PS: your website is one of them.

So these days when I hear about someone celebrating quitting their job to start a business so they can “work from home” or “be your own boss”, my stomach ties up in little knots. If you are going to jump ship because you thrive on a sense of danger  or have an investor backing up your idea then please go for it. As female entrepreneurs, most of us are quite careful but having 3-6 months worth of income sometimes. just. isn’t. enough. You need to give it at least a year especially if you are self-funded.

Instead of jumping ship, consider re-negotiating with your job to give you some flexible hours or a part time job. It’s important to prove your business model works FIRST before you make a such huge leap.

So now I would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on the quitting your job? Are you still thinking about it? Have you done it already? Are you raking in the dollar dollar already and don’t need a part time job to supplement your income anymore? Share your story, it will help so many.

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