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How to Collaborate

how to collaborate

Today I thought i’d try something a little bit different. I made a video for you today (hee hee!) 🙂
It’s short a short video that shares an important thought with you on how to collaborate and maybe it’s time for you to collaborate with another entrepreneur on a project?

Just last week Saturday, I launched 50 shades of black stock with a fellow entrepreneur friend and the results and response from people have been phenominal! I truly have been blown away. People are loving the free photos and are eagerly waiting for us to officially open the doors so they can buy our photos from us.

Which leads me on to today’s email and video. I hope this will encourage and inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone today. Click below to watch the super short video I made for you.

50 Shades of Black Stock

50 shades of black stock

For a few years now, since going into business for myself, I have been very frustrated with the poor choices available in diversity images and black women photos that I could use to represent me and my various businesses. Organizing a photoshoot is just way too expensive especially when you’re just starting out and I just couldn’t find juicy photos that really reflected my brand. So what did I do? I used gorgeous photos of lovely white ladies to represent my brand and something just felt so inauthentic about the whole thing.

I really hated not being able to fully represent myself online. And so what did I do next? In April 2015, I went on to some Facebook business pages to vent my frustration in the hopes that someone (not me) just someone would turn my frustration into a business… another year went by and nothing happened… see one of my embarrassing facebook rants in the image below:

50 shades of black stock


I increasingly started seeing posts and comments from women who were equally frustrated and sometimes, I chose not to comment as I could just feel the pit of my stomach boiling over. Eventually after seeing too many photos of black women with chipped nail polish, over greased hands and cheap shoes, I had had enough.


I hadn’t considered taking up photography as a profession but this time I felt like I had no choice. If I wasn’t going to do it – who was? (I mean it’s been a year since my Facebook rant in April 2015). So in order to ease myself into the whole idea I knew that I wanted to partner up with another photographer, preferably someone in a different shade of black to myself (as we come in so many shades). A business woman who I had met only a couple of times kept flashing up in my mind. She seemed to fit my vision of who I wanted to work with so perfectly – it really was hard to resist giving her a call.

Everybody Meet Tracy 🙂

Lola Conrich and Tracy Durrant

Not really sure if she would be up for the idea, I decided to take the plunge and find out if she shared the same frustrations I felt and if she was willing to commit some time into this “side project”. After a couple of hours of yapping away at the idea via skype, she said yes and we fixed a date in the diary for a test shoot to gauge how well we worked together and if we could create something really cool together. We both agreed we wanted to do a shoot that involved our hands and that we would have to be the models for our test shoot. So we swapped roles of photographer and model throughout the day and captured about 150 epic photos.


After the shoot, we both felt positive and knew this was something we wanted to invest more time into. We decided we would be the ones to help women of colour with their various businesses. And so, on Saturday, 4th June 2016, my business partner and I released our launch page for 50 shades of black stock. It was well received and in the space of 2 days we have had over 200+ sign ups to our waitlist and incredible feedback from all the women who received their free stock images from us. Here is a snap shot of some of the amazing comments we have been receiving via Instagram:


instagram comments 50 shades of black stock50 shades of black stock




How to write a website brief

how to write a website brief

As a web designer and developer who cares a lot about my clients, I thought it might be useful to show you how to write a website brief. You might be wanting a new website or you might be thinking about re-designing your existing website.

It’s important to consider planning your new website before you start build it, this is where writing a website brief comes in handy.



Think about what you want your website to do? think about the functionalities of what you need your website to perform




What do you want it to say? The content and copywriting goes here for each of your pages.




Finally how do you want your website to look like? fonts, logos and colours etc The whole esthetics of it.



I have a free workbook to help you with this process that you can download here or by clicking on the Free workbook banner below.

PS: DO NOT PRINT THIS WORKBOOK, save the workbook on your desktop and give yourself a week to spend time planning for your new website. Type straight into it and remember to SAVE it!

PPS: leave a comment below and let me know how you’re getting on with the workbook will you? x




Wallpapers for Desktop

wallpapers for desktop

wallpapers for desktopIf you’re anything like most people (including me) you are suffering or have suffered from an extremely messy desktop. We’ve downloaded so many gorgeous wallpapers for desktop beautification but due to our busy minds and working through the day we close down everything only to discover that our desktop wallpaper is now covered with our downloads, new folders,screenshots and projects for the day.


So, where do you put all of this “clutter” at the end of a looooong day? Too tired, you shut your computer and day after day it starts to get difficult to find anything, plus that beautiful wallpaper you downloaded when searching for wallpapers for desktop isn’t looking so beautiful anymore with everything every where!

Frustrated, just like you, one day I decided to create a desktop wallpaper that will help keep me organized, inspired and happy to look at my desktop at the end of the day. The result are these pretty wall papers, Click on the photo to download now, it’s free! or you can click here too!

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: when you click on the link it will open up the image, right click and save to your desktop. Then go to your computer settings and set this as your background wallpaper. Any problems? leave a comment below and i’ll try and help ya! 🙂






3 Tips For A Website Facelift

website facelift


Are you connecting with your audience? Do they know your story? Are you telling your story effectively?

Also, If I googled you, or your services right now, would I be able to find the information I need? From time to time, you’re going to want to bring some life back into your website, there are so many reasons right now that you might be wanting to spruce up your website. In this video I’m going to share with you 3 tips you could implement today to give your website a fresh update.

Oh, and here are the resources I promised you too:

For a google juice checklist download this free workbook  help you get found on google clicking here. 





If you don’t have a website yet, remember you can sign up for my 2 week course where you will also get one on one support with me to help finish up your stunning new website. Ready to find out more? – Build a professional website in just 2 weeks!




If you’re not quite ready for a website, start the right way with a plan using this free workbook, Sign-up for my free Plan and brand your website workbook and take the first step towards creating the website of your dreams.


Christmas Shopping List

christmas shopping list

christmas shopping listFor those of you who like online shopping, I decided to create an interactive Christmas shopping list and guess what? it has checkboxes too. Check your list off! So download and save this list to your desktop, add who it’s for, what you got them/are going to get them, how much you spent/will spend and then check your list off! Best part? you can use this Christmas shopping list next year too! hee hee 🙂 Enjoy!


Download your interactive Shopping List HERE or by clicking on the ipad image to your right side where it says “My Christmas Shopping List”.

google driveiconsineed-plus-24-128f3cLttVhPS: Do you use Google Drive? Save this to your google drive and open it in google drive using the DocHub app so you can edit it. You’ll have this list every year and can budget for it again next year!


Want more freebies? Sign-up for my free Plan and brand your website workbook and create the website of your dreams.