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50 Shades of Black Stock

50 shades of black stock

For a few years now, since going into business for myself, I have been very frustrated with the poor choices available in diversity images and black women photos that I could use to represent me and my various businesses. Organizing a photoshoot is just way too expensive especially when you’re just starting out and I just couldn’t find juicy photos that really reflected my brand. So what did I do? I used gorgeous photos of lovely white ladies to represent my brand and something just felt so inauthentic about the whole thing.

I really hated not being able to fully represent myself online. And so what did I do next? In April 2015, I went on to some Facebook business pages to vent my frustration in the hopes that someone (not me) just someone would turn my frustration into a business… another year went by and nothing happened… see one of my embarrassing facebook rants in the image below:

50 shades of black stock


I increasingly started seeing posts and comments from women who were equally frustrated and sometimes, I chose not to comment as I could just feel the pit of my stomach boiling over. Eventually after seeing too many photos of black women with chipped nail polish, over greased hands and cheap shoes, I had had enough.


I hadn’t considered taking up photography as a profession but this time I felt like I had no choice. If I wasn’t going to do it – who was? (I mean it’s been a year since my Facebook rant in April 2015). So in order to ease myself into the whole idea I knew that I wanted to partner up with another photographer, preferably someone in a different shade of black to myself (as we come in so many shades). A business woman who I had met only a couple of times kept flashing up in my mind. She seemed to fit my vision of who I wanted to work with so perfectly – it really was hard to resist giving her a call.

Everybody Meet Tracy 🙂

Lola Conrich and Tracy Durrant

Not really sure if she would be up for the idea, I decided to take the plunge and find out if she shared the same frustrations I felt and if she was willing to commit some time into this “side project”. After a couple of hours of yapping away at the idea via skype, she said yes and we fixed a date in the diary for a test shoot to gauge how well we worked together and if we could create something really cool together. We both agreed we wanted to do a shoot that involved our hands and that we would have to be the models for our test shoot. So we swapped roles of photographer and model throughout the day and captured about 150 epic photos.


After the shoot, we both felt positive and knew this was something we wanted to invest more time into. We decided we would be the ones to help women of colour with their various businesses. And so, on Saturday, 4th June 2016, my business partner and I released our launch page for 50 shades of black stock. It was well received and in the space of 2 days we have had over 200+ sign ups to our waitlist and incredible feedback from all the women who received their free stock images from us. Here is a snap shot of some of the amazing comments we have been receiving via Instagram:


instagram comments 50 shades of black stock50 shades of black stock




How to Be More Productive

how to be more productive

I’m always on the look out on how to be more productive so I can stay on top of my work and not feel frazzled before my day is over.Today I am sharing my productivity tips from Marseille, France (watch the video to soak in a bit of the French ambience) otherwise read along as I share with you my 2 beloved and most used apps for productivity:

  • Google Docs:

    I highly recommend this, I use it for all my meetings. You can see in real time as someone is editing a document, this eliminates duplication of the same copy. Picture this: Everyone is working on the same word document and there is confusion on which one is the most up to date (sound familiar?). Say goodbye to multiple email versions of the same document. You will have your document one place, and the cool thing is that you can also see people logging in and typing into the document in REAL TIME. If you forget your laptop at home or you’re travelling and you want to show someone your document, you can login via your phone (using the app) and show it to them during an in-person meeting or email it across to someone who might need it. I can’t stress what a stress reliever this one is! Try it here.


Watch the video below for the rest of the juicy details or carry on reading below:

Plan and brand your website

I love this for project management as it’s very visual, easy to understand and you can create any sort of time line you want. You can simply upload photographs and it creates a picture card or thumbnail of your graphic. In the past, I have tried using Basecamp, Asana and so many other project management tools and found them too wordy (know what I mean?). This is so much more picturesque and refreshing on the eyes. Give it a go here

website diy wordpress

So now, I would love to hear from you. What are your tips and tricks for productivity? Please share in the comments below so we can all help each other.

Should I quit my Job ?

should i quit my job

Are you at that place where you’re asking, should I quit my job? have been here before already? How do you know when it’s time for you to jump ship from your full time job that you absolutely hate or should you hang in a little bit longer before you start your new business venture?


I have noticed in the entrepreneurial community that there is a lot of celebration around someone quitting their job. I know quitting your job is an exciting time but there are a few things I would like you to consider before you embark on the journey of starting your own business, Here is my story:


Just like you, I found myself in a job I absolutely loathed and hated, I was on anti-depression pills (yes it was that bad) so I quit to start my own business, I had enough savings to tick me over for the next 3-6 months and naively thought this was enough to propel me into an overflowing bank account with this new business I loved. I’m sure you want to know happened next right?

Watch the video below for all the juicy details or carry on reading below:


Plan and brand your website

Well, I ran out of money, I ran out of it fast! Not only was I paying personal expenses (rent, food and bills). I now also had startup business expenses! – and this can get VERY expensive! PS: your website is one of them.

So these days when I hear about someone celebrating quitting their job to start a business so they can “work from home” or “be your own boss”, my stomach ties up in little knots. If you are going to jump ship because you thrive on a sense of danger  or have an investor backing up your idea then please go for it. As female entrepreneurs, most of us are quite careful but having 3-6 months worth of income sometimes. just. isn’t. enough. You need to give it at least a year especially if you are self-funded.

Instead of jumping ship, consider re-negotiating with your job to give you some flexible hours or a part time job. It’s important to prove your business model works FIRST before you make a such huge leap.

So now I would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on the quitting your job? Are you still thinking about it? Have you done it already? Are you raking in the dollar dollar already and don’t need a part time job to supplement your income anymore? Share your story, it will help so many.

website diy wordpress

How to Find Motivation

how to find motivation

Today i’m going to share with you my top 5 tips on how to find motivation when everything just feels a bit rubbish, it feels like the whole world hates you, you’re not feeling connected, you’re not tuned in, tapped in and turned on (as Esther Hicks would say), when you’re Just. Not. Feeling inspired!

  1. Step outside: I’m always in front of a computer screen designing websites for people and sometimes I forget to do this incredibly important, yet powerful action. Go for a walk in the park or look around the shops window shopping. Don’t spend your ENTIRE day wandering around though – you won’t get anything done (unless that’s your intention). Just get some fresh air and come back home.
  2. Get inspired by nature so many beautiful colours,sounds and smells around – soak it all in and recharge your batteries.
  3. Prayer and/or meditation. This will instantly change your energy levels. You just have your eyes shut and all distractions start to float or melt away. Powerful energy shifter.
  4. Get involved in a creative project: drawing, DIY projects that you can work over time, painting, adult colouring book with classical music playing in the background. Baking cookies and cakes – smelling something freshly baked is such a mood lifter! I’m smiling as I write this just imagining the smell of melted chocolate in the kitchen. YUM!
  5. Make a juice or smoothie. It’s important to look after your body, nourish it so you can get out of your funk. Pop your fresh fruits in a blender with yoghurt or milk. Your body works so hard 24/7 looking after you, now it’s your turn to look after it too. Time to look after number one – YOU!

What do you do when the whole world is on top of you and you just feel like crap? Tell me in the comments below. I would love to hear your tips.



How to write a website brief

how to write a website brief

As a web designer and developer who cares a lot about my clients, I thought it might be useful to show you how to write a website brief. You might be wanting a new website or you might be thinking about re-designing your existing website.

It’s important to consider planning your new website before you start build it, this is where writing a website brief comes in handy.



Think about what you want your website to do? think about the functionalities of what you need your website to perform




What do you want it to say? The content and copywriting goes here for each of your pages.




Finally how do you want your website to look like? fonts, logos and colours etc The whole esthetics of it.



I have a free workbook to help you with this process that you can download here or by clicking on the Free workbook banner below.

PS: DO NOT PRINT THIS WORKBOOK, save the workbook on your desktop and give yourself a week to spend time planning for your new website. Type straight into it and remember to SAVE it!

PPS: leave a comment below and let me know how you’re getting on with the workbook will you? x




My morning routine

my morning routine

Do you have daily rituals? If you don’t, and you’re thinking of new ideas on how to get inspired for your day then maybe my morning routine might spark some interest on new things you can try.

So this is what I love to every single day when I wake up (time permitting), the first thing I do is some stretching and what I like to call Yoga in bed, my body feels really good like i’ve just had a massage and I’m ready to roll out of bed. Luckily for me, hubby gets out of bed before me so I have the space to do it, sometimes I do my yoga even before gets up in bed or I roll out onto my yoga mat next to my bed.

Next, I like to do some journalling around my day and the previous day, letting go of what is bothering me, things I’d love to do with my day, this brain dump seems to turn into an almost to do list. Once I have done all of this, I like to go into prayer/meditation. I want to come from a place of feeling grounded and centred before making decisions about my day. Then, I schedule things in my diary making room for urgencies that might creep up during the day. Every day is a gift so I try not to be too rigid with schedule. Once I have scheduled my day I am then able to jump into my web design and web development work for my clients.

Some other things I love to as I work is to light some candles, burn some incense and open the windows for an hour. This really gets me going for the day. Now I would love to hear from you, What rituals and routines do you do on a daily basis? I would love to know, leave me a comment below and lets get the conversation started.




Too much to do

too much to do

You’re in absolute overwhelm, you are working so hard with too much to do and I feel you, I really do. This is something I used to struggle with on a chronic level and I have since found a way to manage my feelings of overwhelm whenever they decide to strike.

First of all,take some time to slow down your breathing, slow everything down for the next few minutes. I know you probably have feelings of wanting to run around like a headless chicken but trust me on this for the next few minutes. It will really help you to take some time for meditation and get yourself grounded first. You’re not going to be able to tackle anything in a state of panic.

Once you’re done with your meditation get a post it note,index card or piece of paper and draw the lines/quadrants that I have explained to you in the video. This method is called the Eisenhower box method. I also explain how to clearly define what is urgent, what is important etc. How to put all your one million and one things to do in each quadrant and what goes where. This will help you with finding balance in your business and your family life.

So tell me, What are you going to stop doing today? What can you let go of? sometimes we are trying so hard to be super human, you know what? There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re perfect the way you are, you don’t have to get EVERYTHING done today, give yourself room and space to breathe and to grow, before you know it one task after the other will have been crossed out. If you’re still not sure on what to go into what box, please leave a comment in the box below, i’d love to help you with your priority list.




Chocolates to Technology-My Story+Winter Blues

about me + winter blues

What’s My Story? + Winter Blues Tips

If you are curious on how I got into web design and development. Here is an intro into what I do, How I started Chicks Who Code and Barter Entrepreneur. My transition from Chocolate making world into the Tech world and also where you can find me socially.

In this video, I also talk all about winter blues and how I cope with staying motivated during the winter season. I talk about becoming a self generating radiator and how I do it.

Ever found yourself feeling low? Here is what I do when the suckies strike, get caught up in a funk and just lost the will to live.

Here is the link to the mediatition podcast I talk about in the video: Meditation OasisPlan-branding-website