Best Fonts for Websites

best fonts for websites

Here is a quick and short guide to help you pick the fonts you will use on your website.

Contrast and SizeFonts for website - contrast and size

So what are the best fonts for websites? your website. There is no short answer to this but broaddly speaking,You’ll want to pick fonts that when put next to each other, they stand out. For example, the image on the left  is using the Carter One font in a 32px size and the subtitle is using the Boldoni FLF font in 21px size

More on Font SizesChoosing font size for your website

When using fonts remember to follow this format for sizing

  • TITLE is the largest font size
  • SUBTITLE is next largest
  • BODY is smaller than the rest (please keep it simple and legible as most of your text will be in this size and font)




choosing fonts for your websiteAlways choose fonts that complement your message. Is your message informal and fun? Or is it formal and serious?


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