Christmas Shopping List

christmas shopping list

christmas shopping listFor those of you who like online shopping, I decided to create an interactive Christmas shopping list and guess what? it has checkboxes too. Check your list off! So download and save this list to your desktop, add who it’s for, what you got them/are going to get them, how much you spent/will spend and then check your list off! Best part? you can use this Christmas shopping list next year too! hee hee 🙂 Enjoy!


Download your interactive Shopping List HERE or by clicking on the ipad image to your right side where it says “My Christmas Shopping List”.

google driveiconsineed-plus-24-128f3cLttVhPS: Do you use Google Drive? Save this to your google drive and open it in google drive using the DocHub app so you can edit it. You’ll have this list every year and can budget for it again next year!


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