Coconut Oil Benefits and How I use it

coconut oil benefits

How you ever wondered what all the fuss is about with coconut oil? Is it just a fad? Or are there any coconut oil benefits that we should know about?


Well, whether or not it’s a fad, coconut oil functions in my life and I use it for many things such as for cooking, cleaning, moisturizing etc.

In this video I talk about Coconut oil versus Olive Oil. coconut-oil-benefitsI also love using it as a body moisturiser and it works great for sensitive skin too, you can also combine it with essential oils. Due it’s anti-bacterial properties it can be used as a deodorant as well as a toothpaste! who knew??!

I also highlight how other people have used coconut oil which may or may not apply to you. In the meantime here is my coconut oil deodorant recipe that i’m currently using and it works great!

Coconut Oil Deodorant Recipe

1 table spoon Coconut oil (Get 30%off ANY coconut product with code – CWC30 at check out here)

1 tea spoon Baking Soda

3 drops Essential Oil (Bergamot or Lemon or Lavender is great)


Mix these up into a paste and put in a little container. You only need to put a little on your pretty pits for it to work. 🙂

I’m curious, do you have a coconut oil toothpaste recipe you can share with me? Please leave a comment below.





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