How to write a website brief

how to write a website brief

As a web designer and developer who cares a lot about my clients, I thought it might be useful to show you how to write a website brief. You might be wanting a new website or you might be thinking about re-designing your existing website.

It’s important to consider planning your new website before you start build it, this is where writing a website brief comes in handy.



Think about what you want your website to do? think about the functionalities of what you need your website to perform




What do you want it to say? The content and copywriting goes here for each of your pages.




Finally how do you want your website to look like? fonts, logos and colours etc The whole esthetics of it.



I have a free workbook to help you with this process that you can download here or by clicking on the Free workbook banner below.

PS: DO NOT PRINT THIS WORKBOOK, save the workbook on your desktop and give yourself a week to spend time planning for your new website. Type straight into it and remember to SAVE it!

PPS: leave a comment below and let me know how you’re getting on with the workbook will you? x




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