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wallpapers for desktop

wallpapers for desktopIf you’re anything like most people (including me) you are suffering or have suffered from an extremely messy desktop. We’ve downloaded so many gorgeous wallpapers for desktop beautification but due to our busy minds and working through the day we close down everything only to discover that our desktop wallpaper is now covered with our downloads, new folders,screenshots and projects for the day.


So, where do you put all of this “clutter” at the end of a looooong day? Too tired, you shut your computer and day after day it starts to get difficult to find anything, plus that beautiful wallpaper you downloaded when searching for wallpapers for desktop isn’t looking so beautiful anymore with everything every where!

Frustrated, just like you, one day I decided to create a desktop wallpaper that will help keep me organized, inspired and happy to look at my desktop at the end of the day. The result are these pretty wall papers, Click on the photo to download now, it’s free! or you can click here too!

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: when you click on the link it will open up the image, right click and save to your desktop. Then go to your computer settings and set this as your background wallpaper. Any problems? leave a comment below and i’ll try and help ya! 🙂






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